Re: TSD: Emotion vs. Intellect (magnify human emotions?)

From: john grigg (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 15:13:24 MDT

Spudboy wrote:
Well, if Roboto minds are developable in a massively, intelligent and
super-capable sense over the eons, does that preclude emotion? I sure hope
not. Emotions are fun. Even the negative ones, I wouldnt want to give up,
but I dont think we would need to.

Emotions can be fun, but they can be a nightmare too. I will say that
negative emotions have their place to guide and warn us about situations if
we can look at them somewhat objectively and not be blinded.

Spike wrote:
Those of you who have been madly in love will find this easy to understand:
wouldnt it be cool to take *that* emotion and pump it up several orders of
magnitude? {8-]

Being in love is already such an overwhelming experience! And to not have
that love returned while sensing it never will, is to be in a mental state
of PURE HELL. To be in agony over a failed romantic venture, and have
medication to greatly lessen the emotional pain(not alcohol!) would be a
boon for humanity. For some it takes many months or even years to get over
heartbreak, and some individuals never truly get over it. The emotional
agony of heartbreak can interfere will all the other areas of that persons

Robert wrote:
I think that some of Eliezer's work on how to define motivational agendas
and goal oriented selection vs. simple "emotions" may provide a path out of
this pit. But Spike's comments (no offense Spike!)provide an example of
exactly how difficult it will be for people to consider how to self-evolve
themselves to a level undictated by millions of years of evolution of
selfish genes.

I like the scenario painted by David Pearce of the Hedonics Imperative
website. A world where we are not "blissed out constantly" in a "soma
stupor" but have brains engineered for generally a very happy, content and
yet ambitious state of being that is not so ruled by jealousy, negativity
and depression.

I would be curious to see how 'transhumans' a century from now do their
dating, rating and mating! I am sure it will still be an intense human
interaction but I would like to think it will not have the unfairness of the
present world(did you get a good characteristics score when the genetic dice
were rolled for you?) where unfairly handed out physical looks(and brains)
count for so much.

I want a much more fair world then now, though I realize it will never be
totally fair. Most likely, a genetic "arms race" or case of "class warfare"
will be happening, where the very wealthy get the best modifications for
their offspring to outclass others born to parents of lower financial power.

I hope they will have brains that have been neurohacked to the point where
they can much better control their emotional pain levels, but yet not "lock
their hearts" to the extent that they no longer feel strong want and
romantic stirrings.

In our present state it is so easy to be "taken over" by negative emotions
that can bring us down for recurring long periods. Even the most
intelligent people can be vulnerable to this. Somehow this has to be
stopped somehow.

I admit, in some ways I like how we are made up. I like the idea that I
have a natural born desire to seek out a female mate and raise children.
But the struggle to find one attractive enough for me, that I can be
compatible with(and will accept me and my imperfections) is tiring and very
frustrating at times. The very despair I feel over this actually damages my
odds of success in his nature-driven goal of mine.


John Grigg
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