New Cydnia images

Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 23:55:42 MDT

Last year we had some discussion of the pictures of the Mars region
known as Cydonia, home of the infamous "Face on Mars". I suppose most
people interested in the topic already know about this, but I just
learned that new images of this region were released a few weeks ago.
They are visible at

One of the main landforms which was missed in the earlier images was the
so-called "Fort", an oblong shape in the upper right of the "City" region.
Some people felt that this area had some of the most tantalizing hints
of artificiality in the old Viking pictures.

The new release includes two images which show the Fort very clearly:
M09-05394 and M04-01903. The first shows the left side, with a heavily
cratered area and two semi-circular cut-out craters in the lower left
side of the object. The second shows the right side of the Fort.

It's an oddly shaped structure, like so many in the Cydonia region.
Hoagland thought it looked a little bit like a rocket ship, with those
two big craters being its engine exhaust. To me it somewhat resembles
a distorted Star Fleet logo. But nothing about it shows any sign of
being artificial.


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