Re: Mike Darwin of cryonics fame speaks out... (please read this!!)

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 17:40:31 MDT

> ... Buying a whole life policy to support a cryonics contract when
> you're relatively young and healthy is CHEAP. Yes, medical technology
> and other things may develop fast enough that you don't end up needing
> this investment by say, 2050, when you might be a candidate for
> suspension. But if that's how things turn out, your life insurance
> policy will have turned out to be only a so-so investment...

Depending on the policy. Some flexible universal life policies can be
even better than so-so; some can be downright suck. But you're right in
that it isn't exactly pissing the money away in any case.
> Just finding out how inexpensive it is will be may be the best spur
> to going ahead getting signed up.

Now if we can just do something about the $30/month fees that _are_
just being pissed away, we'll really be set. I'd much rather just
take out a bigger life policy, but they don't have that option.

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