Unions (was Re: Will aircars destroy the auto industry)

From: Brian D Williams (talon57@well.com)
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 07:57:13 MDT

From: "Michael S. Lorrey" <mike@datamann.com>

>My argument is that companies like GM, et al are hamstrung by
>existing factories, existing machinery and assembly technology,
>and by unions that have prevented them from robotization at just
>about every turn. There is absolutely no possible way that an
>existing manufacturer can make an aircar for that price, so saying
>they can 'refit' their factories is a false argument. They would
>go broke trying to do it, and they will still wind up with
>millions of unemployed auto workers.

>Aint gonna happen unless they break the UAW and the aerospace
>unions. Neither one wants robotized assembly, and you won't get
>affordable aircars any other way.

Mike, there are industrial robots in every car plant in America,
even the union ones.

>union workers as in a) high salary for low skill work, b) lots of
>convoluted, expensive, and time wasting work rules, c) the union
>threatens strikes if you want to robotize your assembly
>processes. Unless the union reticence against automation is
>discarded, then American manufacturing will remain in the 20th

Gee, I'd like to stick around and debate this, But I've got to go
check on my crew recabling the 13th floor. The customer just dumped
the addiition of fiber runs from the MDF for new ethernet swtiches,
and I got to scope out a run. Then I've got to finish cabling 3
Cisco 7500s and an Ascend ATM switch to each other and to dual OC-
48 SONET bays. Then there's training on the $350,000 Accord
ATM/video server I installed yesterday.

Since I've got to spend most of the weekend studying for my CCNA
(Cisco Certified Network Associate) exam, I just don't know when
I'll get a chance to sit my lazy ass down and finish that HULK
commic book....


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