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Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 15:25:50 MDT

Being a fav subject of mine, I would also suggest that the Jupiter Brain
emmulation concept, conjectured by Roboticist, Hans Moravec is also in the
works, as it utilizes
a neutron star as the the source of computation. I believe the bit-stream for
such a emmulation of the entire earth history is well bellow the estimated
10^60 bits per second that a small neutron star is supposed to be capable of.
 Another extreme is the Max Tegmark Ensamble of Universes, and that deserves
its own mailing list-which surprisingly there is.


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<< Spike Jones:
 Tipler's notion is completely additive: if other immortality bids fail,
 his idea might still somehow come thru for us. I estimate cryonics
 gives you about a 10% chance of resurrection, Tipler adds another
 1% or so, Singularity deciding it likes you: 5%, nanotech/uploading
 about 20%, all other notions including traditional religion, negligible.
 So the good news is we have better than a one in three chance of
 indefinite survival, and yes I acknowledge the possiblity I am fooling
 myself. {8^D spike
 Those are not really such bad odds -- whether you are fooling yourself or
 not! IMHO, it really boils down to a version of Pascal's Wager (i.e., I
 paraphrase: "If God does not exist and I believe in him, I lose nothing; if
 God exists and I do not believe in him, I lose the chance for eternal life.
 Ergo, believing is the best bet." This presumes, of course, that God
 requires your belief before he'll resurrect you.) By this reasoning, our
 best gaming strategy is to pursue any and every chance at life extension
 and/or immortality that does not exact unacceptable costs in the present.
 (Unfortunately for some, the price of a cryonics contract is still
 unacceptably high right now.)
   Regarding a Tiplerian resurrection/emulation, Anders Sandberg has pointed
 out that, short of Tipler's Omega Point, a similar resurrection/emulation
 could be possible via AI superobjects (Jupiter/neutron star size/density AI
 brains) albeit for a less than universal coverage of the deceased. (How do
 we get on the resurrection/emulation waiting list? Maybe this Extropians
 list is IT!)
   At this point in time, I'd rate Anders' idea as the more likely of the
 Mike LaTorra >>

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