Re: Northern Ireland (on Max More speaking out... some humor involved!)

From: john grigg (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 15:00:47 MDT

Max wrote:
"You folks"? Come on, Mike! Why are you turning collectivist suddenly? Who
exactly are "you folks"? Are you including me? I'm British by birth, having
lived there for my first 23 years. I'm a quarter Irish by descent. And I'm
American by residence and by closest cultural identification. Am I one one
of those darned imperialist bad guys, or am I one of the good guys?

You are evidence of a world that is blending together and getting more
"multi-cultural." I can see how Mike hit a nerve with what he wrote.
Obviously, people are truly defined not by simply where they were born, but
by the place they choose to live as an adult and the culture and paradigm
they decide to embrace.

But,,, going from England to the U.S. simply made you a different kind of
imperialist bad guy!! You get different groups of people and nations to
dislike you now, without even knowing you! But remember, Americans brought
those bad habits over from the old country and just ran with the ball!

I am according to my mother...
25% Norwegian (so I can hate Germans for WW2!)
25% Swedish (so I can be jealous of people from nice, warm climates!)
25% Spanish (I can feel guilty about what has happened in Latin America over
the last four-hundred years or so. I also can have have an excuse for a bad
temper and the need to chase women!)
25% Irish (I can hate the English and have excuses for a bad temper,
fighting and any drinking problem, as well as the need to chase women!)

There is some German in there also so I can really resent myself over the
occupation of Norway!

Wait, I remember how in the _Star Wars_ series, the imperial officers had
British accents!! Max, you are a bad guy! But wait, your accent is
scottish, right? Oh well...

best wishes,

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