Re: Northern Ireland (was Re: Nanotech Restrictions)

Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 08:54:32 MDT

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> Very Nietzschean! Nietzsche asked: "Man is something to be overcome. What
> have you done to overcome him[her]?"
> :-)

Ah... true, and we should not use our fathers sins as an excuse for being a
But that does not mean we may excuse and condone the conditions that continue
to plague man by denying responsibility for acts done by our forefathers, for
we stand on their backs.

Nor does it mean we can erase the huge mess that we have created
collectively, without publicly and *individually* decrying it as morally

I am sure you added the /her...
I dislike Nietzche, please forgive me for rejecting your comparison; I am a
woman, nurturing and kind - he seems to have forgotten about me
: )

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