Re: wee-little question regarding extropian philosophy

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 00:21:06 MDT

me too wrote:
> out of curiosity, and i do apologize for the brevity of this message, does
> extropianism allow for the human mind to evolve beyond logic/rationalism?

Define logic/rationalism. It's theoretically possible that augmented
minds might discover principles of philosophy that would make practical
logic, as used by said minds, unrecognizable to us as we are today.
But pondering such possibilities would not seem to be of use to us,
since we have no guarantee that they would, nor have we any basis on
which to compare replacements that, by definition, we can not conceive
of. (This is in contrast to that which we can conceive of - like
nanotech, artificial duplicates of basically human sentience that is
accelerated/has more memory/can juggle more data points at once - and
even those point to a possible "Singularity": a point in time beyond
which we, as we are now, can not meaningfully relate to what will be.
Evolving beyond logic/rationality would probably be an event that could
define such a point in time.)

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