Re: Northern Ireland (was Re: Nanotech Restrictions)

Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 20:46:29 MDT

  : Michael S. Lorrey wrote

  "Thats the typical british demand for capitulation. Trading "Guns for peace"
  seems to be the MO for some people on this side of the puddle too. Essentially
  the British want the Catholics to lie down like dogs before they will agree to
  discuss the idea that they possibly might acknowledge Catholics as potentially
  qualified to be human beings"

  You have completely missed the point! It is because of the Irish preoccupation with "political archeology" that they can't leave the past alone for long enough to sort out the future. Emotional ranting about catholic persecution, religion (what a suprise, that one rears its head in conflict again!) and lying down like dogs is of no use to anyone

  You folks tried that here
  in the US a coupla centuries ago too, as you might recall....

  Ooh, don't ya just love it, America assumes the moral high-ground ;-) Hardly a constructive addition to the debate...

  Tell me, if the IRA
  had given up its guns decades ago, do you even think the Catholics would be even
  treated halfway as decently as they are today?

  The point is to leave the past behind. History will keep on repeating itself until we stop living in it. What ever was done by both sides cannot be changed, it is hopeless painfull bagage that needs to be burried. Peace might be much easier to find then. And, BTW, I am not propogatting the British view, as you automatically assumed .

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