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From: Dan Fabulich (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 12:55:03 MDT

 Zero wrote:
> >I haven't read the ExI principles,

I must admit, when I read this, I was quite surprised. "How," I asked
myself, "could somebody possibly stumble across the Extropians mailing
list, and continue to post there for more than a month, without ever
noticing the ExI principles?"

Then I went back to the web page and noticed that the ExI principles don't
appear very highly on the list of things to read. They are, in order:

Extro 4 links
The ExI Mission Statement
Electronic Membership to Extropy Online
A link to become an official member of ExI

and then, finally, the Extropian principles.

If I may say so, I think the ExI Mission Statement and the Extropian
principles should exchange places. "Principles" is by far the more
important document; if I want people to know what we're about, I'd rather
they read that first than the mission statement. (How many people here
have even read the mission statement, anyway? I've been around for years,
now, and it was only just now that I really noticed it.)


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