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> << However springing huge new technologies on a public caught unawares is
> more likely to cause greater disruption than it has to. >>
> Mike,
> You referred several times to the disruptions in the form of unemployment
> of workers caused by new technology. I agree with you.
> This also raises one issue that continues to puzzle me. We live in a
> Capitalist society and enjoy its benefits yet most high school graduates and
> not all college graduates ever take a course in economics. Further our
> workers of all classes seem unaware that our lives are likely to get caught
> up in one of these disruptions. We seem to have no idea that we need to
> consider how to protect ourselves against these disruptions. Why is that?

Good question. There was an economics course in my high school in the mid 80's.
Micro/macro economics are pretty standard freshman/sophomore economics courses
for most college majors.

I'd love to say that you don't see economics theory in high schools because the
NEA is a bunch of tree hugging socialist liberal / feminazi weenies who think
that capitalism is merely the power structure by which the white anglo-male
minority maintains its aristo-phallocracy, but that is likely to cause a few
inflamed hemorrhoids among the few list members with similar sympathies....8^P
So assume I didn't say that.... <VBG>

On a positive note, continuing education seems to be becoming a pretty standard
practice for most people to maintain skills as their careers develop with

Mike Lorrey

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