Re: Holy Moly (My bestfriend)

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 22:05:37 MDT

Spike wrote:
>We only need to each look within ourselves to know the answers.

john grigg wrote: Is it that simple? I doubt that. I believe people(atheists
included) can
be very good at unconscious self-deception even when they think they are
being objective.

Roger that John. Its a question with which Ive struggled many years.
Even now there is no way we can be sure we are not software, running
some wildly complicated simulation in some cosmic computer. Actually
on second thought, that sounds kinda cool... {8-]

> I have read that Sagan was quite the ladies man.

The girl I dated at least once a week for 8 months and never had sex
with that whole time would have done a lap dance for Sagan without
being asked a second time.

> Changed my major from theology to engineering. Atheists make poor ministers.
> spike
> What denomination had you planned to go into?

Seventh Day Adventist. I got better. {8^D Altho I have been
a stauch atheist for about 17 years, I still teach a class about every
other month to the Palo Alto SDAs on their own church's history
and doctrine. They know my atheistic position, but invite me anyway.
Go figure. I see it as my way of doing community service without
having to be arrested first. {8^D

> ministerial younger brother) who were both married, were found to be having
> affairs with their secretaries.

I have heard countless stories like this. My own experience is not
so grim. They were all pretty good folks, no worse than the ordinary
proletariat. I *liked* being religious, didnt want to give it up at all.
My favorite notions were finally crushed by the sheer weight of
a veritable mountain of evidence.

John, I spoke at length with my staunch SDA father-in-law this past
weekend regarding cryonics. The SDA religion is as far as I can tell,
perfectly compatible with cryonics, one of the very few that
are, thanks to their notion of the unconscious state of the dead.
I think he will go for it, which is the key to getting my own wife
to go for it, which might well be the key to my own survival of
death. She is the one most likely to be present at my own passing
(I have no children and no immediate prospects of any) and
so if she is not a believer in cryonics, then when I croak she might
just decide 'aww to hell with it, the boney old geezer will never
know if whether he was frozen or devoured by maggots, so
why bother', etc. But if her own beloved *parents* were frozen,
perhaps she would be more careful with my corpse? spike

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