Re: should Extropianism have an Anthem?

From: ct (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 19:33:42 MDT

> writes:
> > ....It would have to be an
> > "automorphing'* tune, one that changed as it was played....
> > .... completely unrecognizable from what it started at

no. not unrecognizable....but recognizable. affirmation of the difficulty in
taking that initial step that forever separates one from the oblivion of the

> ....too much algorithmic
> complexity theory about whether a piece of music that eternally
> increased in complexity could exist.

tangentially....Advances in Complex Systems, Dr Yaneer Bar-Yam pres of New
England Complex Systems Institute: Selfish Gene Theory of Evolution is
Fatally Flawed: mathematical analysis to follow at eleven....

> ....the whole is simpler than the parts - the entire piece of music would
> be much less complex than many of the phrases inside it). The most
> interesting part was that to fully appreciate the music, you had to
> grow with it....

> the neuroscience violins...>

[Skampa String Quartet:
Mozart, String Quartet in A major, K. 464
Beethoven, String Quartet in F minor, Op 95
Bedrich Smetana, String Quartet No. 2 in D minor
Zmehozivota ("From My Life")
February 12, 1785
coda. The Menutto
two-measure phrases
theme and six variations
the theme is angular
percussive outbursts
the quartet the subtitle, "The Drum"
Therese Malfatti
declamatory unisons
(151 measures) ceaselessly driving
even in the contrasting chorales]

O! and can you decypher ths, then?
A poem from a world never my own.

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