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Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 00:54:56 MDT

It appears as if Spike Jones <> wrote:
| > Zero Powers: Curious, what was it that freed you from your
| > belief?
|I took my college girlfriend to a physics seminar featuring Carl Sagan's
|Cosmos, because she thought Sagan was the most gorgeous man on
|two feet. That changed both our lives: she soon threw me back
|for another guy who looked more like Sagan, and I was led to study
|Steven Jay Gould, which led to Douglas Hofstadter's Escher Godel Bach,
|which led me to realize that my religion and all religions I know of are
|self referential systems, unverifiable. Changed my major from theology
|to engineering. Atheists make poor ministers.

I found that the leaders of the mainstream religion of the Western world
used the religion as a means to control the believers, without themselves
following the faith they preached, and since I have a basic distrust of
authority, I came to to the conclusion that I did not need their religion.

The natural sciences, the use of the experimental method, and empirism
have replaced the early indoctrination with religion in my case.

After extracting various metaprogramming methologies from them, most of
religion, alchemy and other magical systems belong on the garbage heap
of history.

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