Re: inspirational jingles for young people

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 20:56:38 MDT

> Spike Jones wrote: Changed my major from theology
> > to engineering. Atheists make poor ministers. spike
> Michael S. Lorrey wrote: no no no, spike, atheists make GREAT ministers. Its so
> much easier to take their money that don't feel so guilty about it...
> ;)

{8^D har. Actually Mike, exactly the opposite is true. After I
became an atheist, I became a much more moral, ethical and
circumspect person methinks. When one has no moral framework
handed to one, no simple written-out code of conduct, no god
to impute righteousness and to forgive one's sins, the whole morality
scene becomes one's own responsibility. This is difficult, and
thus unpopular with the masses of humanity. Lets face it,
atheism is not exactly catching on like wildfire. I fear if anything
it is losing ground to superstition. {8-[

Today my exerience with "sin" is all talk and no do, whereas had
I not discovered atheism it might have been all do and no talk. spike

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