Re: Mike Darwin of cryonics fame speaks out... (please read this!!)

Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 15:10:28 MDT

John Grigg quotes Mike Darwin:
> I looked on the Web just now and found a 1997 mortality table (or "life
> table" as it's called. If you're interested, the URL was
> I believe it pertains to the US only--a good enough start however). Starting
> with 100,000 people at birth (age 0), there were 96,330 surviving to age 39,
> and 93,712 surviving to age 40. The fraction dying thus is
> (96,330-93,712)/96,330 or 2.72% or about one in 37.

The above URL didn't work; I tried changing to but that
didn't help.

The figures above are clearly wrong. Look: we lost 3,670 people up to age
39, and 6,288 by age 40? Almost an additional 3000 between 39 and 40?
That must have been a tough year.

I looked at and find the chance
of dying in one year at around age 40 to be one in 155, rather than one
in 37. Still uncomfortably high, but not quite as bad.


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