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From: Doug Jones (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 00:06:26 MDT wrote:
> For some years now I've fantasized about a laser fly zapper of similar
> construction. I understand that the focal length of a laser can be quiet
> precise. In other words there would be no "burn" either in front of or
> behind the fly.

On the contrary, a narrow laser beam could be dangerous along a wide
range of distances from the source optics, whereas a low f-number (large
aperture, short distance) system would be defocused nearer and farther
than the target point- much safer. For max power a simple xenon
flashlamp would have good conversion of electrical power to useful
> My imaginary device had a "no fly zone" controlled by lidar...said volume of
> space would be constantly moniotred and analyzed. Anything that flew (all
> kinds of insectss) and that was not blood temp(or perhaps a size parameter?)
> would be zapped.

I'd use several things to discriminate valid targets from clutter, to
avoid zapping people, birds, cats, and livestock- although it would be
fun to see the dish *watching* a cat, almost muttering, "Here, kitty,
kitty, kitty..."

Some simple target rules would be:

* it must buzz or flutter and be smaller than a hummingbird

* the zapper is mounted at 6 ft above the floor and cannot aim less than
ten degrees from the horizon

* a coaxial pyroelectric sensor would suppress firing if a warm-blooded
critter were in line

> If such a device were to be made (I have no doubts that it's possible..but
> probably a mite pricey) then I'm pretty certain that a ready market would be
> available around daries, feedlots and processing plants...not to mention
> backyards...

I'm sure that less flashy (pun intended) and much cheaper baited traps,
sticky paper, and screens are a more economical solution... but nowhere
near as much fun!

Doug Jones
Rocket Plumber, XCOR Aerospace

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