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Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 21:08:21 MDT wrote:

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> << Mere vastly extended lifespan in my current state would be frustrating.
> I
> want it with an enhanced mind (eighty more IQ points and a photographic
> memory) so I can really perceive and control the world around me so much
> the better.Control is a nice thing, I know from having suffered a lack of
> it at times. Of course, by then there will be many who will have left me
> "in the dust." >>
> I have been reading FLOW and am immensely impressed. However, it causes me
> to add a feature to your list. I also want another eighty points or so on
> my IQ, a photographic memory and in addition instead of the 126 bits per
> second mental processing speed that FLOW reports we humans as having I want
> to double or treble that speed. Then I can ride a bicyle, chew gum and
> juggle at the same time.

And here I've been thinking that Anders was being conservative in wanting
to be a Jupiter brain. I wanna be something at the end of the chain of
redesign that starts with what a Jupiter Brain can cook up as a computing

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