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Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 13:49:13 MDT

Zero wrote:
Bottom line is I think it comes down to the fact that the reason we want to
live forever is that we realize there is a *lot* left to life that we have
not experienced and cannot possibly experience in a mere hundred years or

I agree. I remember being a young boy reading a child's Bible and thinking
how disappointing it was that people no longer had five-hundred year
lifespans! I shared this thought with my mother and she agreed.

Zero, have you read Robert Ettinger's books _The Prospects of Immortality_
and _Man into Superman_ yet? He goes into imaginative detail about what one
could do with indefinite lifespan. Maybe a little dated, but still fun

Mere vastly extended lifespan in my current state would be frustrating. I
want it with an enhanced mind (eighty more IQ points and a photographic
memory) so I can really perceive and control the world around me so much the
better.Control is a nice thing, I know from having suffered a lack of it at
times. Of course, by then there will be many who will have left me "in the

Ziana wrote
(people are always asking me "you like ____, but you listen to ____!?"),
and, my clothes doesn't fit any of the stereotypes I
might be boxed into either. :)

My own musical tastes do range all over the place. I am somewhat partial to
the 'classic rock' of the eighties which I listened to as a teenager. I am
feeling old! While in college I met a nineteen year-old girl who I became
friends with. She sized people up by asking to know their favorite music.
I could not really think of a band until one of my favorites popped into my
head. When I said "Hall & Oates" she acted revolted and I could tell we had
no future together! I do love a couple of their songs though.

As for clothes, I am a bit of a nerd. I see them as being 'utilitarian' and
I don't like spending too much money on them. This is so opposite of most
people. I am still kind of embarrassed of my skinny frame and so try to
dress to cover it up. I cringe at the prices I see for clothes while at
work which people not so willingly pay! I do like to get "all gussied up"
and wear a suit once in a while.

Zero wrote:
So I can't claim any particular pigeon holes. My pigeon hole would have to
be the set of all pigeon holes (although admittedly I haven't gotten around
to even a small fraction of them yet, but I'm working on it).-

Instead of 'pigeon holes' why not use the term 'facets or roles that we use
in our life.'lol

My own pigeon holes are
1. Fred Meyer employee
2. On again/off again college student
3. Mormon church member
4. cryonicist/quasi-extropian
5. Outdoorsman-not as adept as I should be though

And I have probably missed some too. How some of these interact can be
interesting and at other times painful. I remember somehow getting into a
conversation about nanotechnology in my job interview with the Fred Meyer
deputy store director who hired me. He was totally fascinated! lol I never
did say, "sir, in about three decades you will be out of a job!" Of course,
by then everything on the shelves may just be for display and you will have
to find an employee to say "pardon, could you replicate for me one of your
barbecue grills?"

best wishes,

John Grigg
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