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Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 01:13:40 MDT

>From: "Michael S. Lorrey" <>
> wrote:
> >
> > Just for the record, I am not, have never been and never will be a
> >
> > Nadia
> > PS: 'Redneck' implies backwards ways, blatent racism and violent
> > against gays and hippies.
>Since the term 'redneck' derives from the propensity for a man who works
>the land to develop a tan on the back of the neck, stereotypes such as
>you state are merely prejudical opinion promulgated by elitist leftist
>'intelligentsia' types who have never done a day of honest work in
>their lives.
>Anyone who does an honest days work for their living outside of an air
>conditioned office is, by definition, a redneck. As someone who
>regularly talks about how some statements are offensive or prejudicial,
>I hope you can recognise how your own PS is, similarly.

You must be referring to the Mike Lorrey Dictionary of American English.
According to mine a redneck is:

"1. Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring
class, especially in the southern United States. 2. One who is regarded as
having a provincial, conservative, often bigoted sociopolitical attitude."

I think your definition is *way* on the broad side.


"I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past"
--Thomas Jefferson

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