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Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 20:01:14 MDT

On Thu, 20 Apr 2000, wrote:
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>> > But Im a *yuppie* nerd. {8^D
> So what does that make me? A red-neck/ex-jock/neo-yuppie/psuedo-nerd
> /bookworm neebish geek couch potatoe?

Polymorphism is a very extropic characteristic in my opinion.

I actually do the same kind of genre hopping quite seamlessly, so I know
what you mean. In fact, people who are used to me as one easily
identified group often show quite a bit of surprise when they see me in
one of my other natural guises.

I think my primary modes are:

1) Red-neck, rancher, outdoorsman stereotype with all the trappings: I
own a big American off-road truck, own a remote Nevada ranch, have guns,

2) Deep technology geek. I can spend days discussing technological
esoterica at length and my love of this stuff knows few limits. No
description is really necessary on this list.

3) Trendy, underground, electronica music scene type. I am not merely a
wallflower; I am actively involved. When I am exercising my musician
side, this is where I live.

These three are probably the ones that I can very easily slip in and out
of like a chameleon and which come very naturally to me. What I find
interesting is that many people consider my different lifestyles to be
*necessarily* mutually exclusive, although that probably just shows a
lack of imagination on their part. I have other strong interests (martial
arts, fine wine, fine restaurants, active athletic schedule, interesting
travel, etc), but they don't really qualify as lifestyles in my opinion
(although taken in aggregate, they could possibly be classified as

I can't imagine living a life as only one person.

-James Rogers

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