Re: Death Penalty (packing heat)

From: john grigg (
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 13:41:38 MDT

Mike Lorrey wrote:
a) there is no 'thrill' or 'rush' from packing heat. Anyone who does so for
that purpose or to get the chance to use it on somebody shouldn't be
carrying, or should really reexamine why they are carrying. This is the
typical response of the hoplophobes, that people who carry are a bunch of
bloodthirsty sadists that wanna go out and kick ass. This couldn't be
further from the truth.

I beg to differ from personal experience. I have known a few people who
carried concealed weapons legally after having gotten a permit, and while
definitely not looking to blow someone away, did get a certain 'rush' from
it, and had a 'try to mess with me now, scumbags!' attitude that they shared
with me in private.

Fortunately, they had gone through a class that taught them well to think
twice before pulling the gun out. The full ramifications had been explained
in detail. And they were basically sound individuals who just did not want
to be threatened by punks.

you continue:
b) in a society where everyone took such responsibility for themselves, you
wouldn't need to go at it alone. There would be a good couple dozen other
responsible citizens right there along with you. In such a society, there
would be no such thing as a 'dangerous area'.

Mike, remember the wild west?? Even if everyone carried today, there would
certainly still be dangerous areas because of the nature of the local
populations and the gangs there! But if you went there with your 'posse' of
friends and not alone you would have a decent chance of surviving because
the 'bad guys' would not want to risk their lives with such odds.

best regards,

John Grigg
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