Re: Mike Lorrey's calling in life...

From: Joe Dees (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 23:59:14 MDT

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>From: Spike Jones <>
>Subject: Re: Mike Lorrey's calling in life...
>Joe Dees wrote:
>> >I will give up put downs, seek out wise people, try to right
>> >wrongs, yakkity yak, bla bla, something something.
>> >
>> >Anyone know that jingle? spike
>> >
>> In the Deep South it goes something like this...
>> "Ah'm a Right-Wing Redneck, rude, crude, mean and loud
>> I worship Jerry, Pat and Rush, and of that fact Ah'm proud
>> I wanna keep my little woman by by side, yeah..
>> And when she's barefoot, pregnant and silent then Ah'm satisfied."
>Joe! Did you really write this? Seems like you are so
>serious the rest of the time. {8-] spike
Yeah; you wanna nuther wun?
Mah baby fits me laka flesh tuxedo
An lak tuh sinker with mah pink torpedo
Then dress mah baby up and go downtown
Hang Baby off mah arm an' show 'er aroun'.

Mah baby's with me 'cause she made tha grade
Ah lak ta dress 'er laka Frederick's maid
Then watch 'er clean tha house an' sashay roun'
An' pinch 'er butt when she lays dinner down.

Mah baby does me when Ah wanner tu
An' anything Ah wants mah baby ta do
She does it pronto - not so much as uh peep
An' keeps 'er trap shut when I goes ta sleep.

Now you may say she's just a fantasy
But lemme tell ya - Baby's real to me
Am I alone? No, that's just how it seems
She's always with me in my porcine dreams.

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