Re: Is rational patriotism anti-extropian? I don't think so...

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> The person I was told was due to fly on Pan Am 109, incidentally, was
> 'Pik' Botha, the South African minister of defense, and his entourage.
> (Note that I don't have a documentary source for this to hand, so I'll
> have to do a lot of digging if you challenge me on it. So be it.)
> If this isn't just synchronicity in action, I find the current South
> African government's mediation in getting the Libyans accused of the
> bombing a fair trial in a neutral country somewhat ... interesting.

A good friend of mine was supposed to be on that flight -- she had her ticket
issued and got delayed and missed the flight. Maybe they were after her . . .

(Why am I wasting bandwidth with this? Oh well, I'm tired . . .)

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