Re: Didn't need no welfare state (Was: Re: news...)

Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 13:46:06 MDT

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> > > Thats probably about as close to a racist remark as a liberal feels
> > > comfortable with.
> >

As a liberal among liberals, I have to comment. Liberals usually ARE racist.
It's a different kind of racism -- looks like white guilt -- about feeling
superior and privileged...

These rather uncomfortable conflicting emotions (If we are all equal why do I
feel BETTER than someone, why am I privileged, etc.) cause a different kind
of racism.
It's pure class racism in sanctimonious America, where we aren't supposed to
have class systems...

This kind of racism is what spawned the program being discussed. Welfare.
This simultaneously supplies the privileged class with a sense of relief that
they helped someone, while demeaning and degrading the beneficiaries. No only
does it keep people in their place, but it produces lethargy, resentment, and
repulsion for the system, assuring that the lower classes stay exactly where
they should -- down and out and untrained. also keeps the military supplied
with a large class of expendable units, and ensures that people won't revolt.
It has backfired and created a huge situation of animosity and hostility on
both sides.
That is why even liberals today are saying the welfare system need to go.
They just aren't hard-nosed about it because they still care, and still have
that guilt.

I am not saying libertarians and conservatives are NOT racist, they are, just
a little more obvious and ruthless about it.

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