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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 06:40:35 MDT

john grigg wrote:
> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> I consider the pledge of allegiance to be falsely directed. The pledge
> should be directed toward the Constitution, a copy of which should be in
> every classroom. I don't see this as a bad thing at all. Pledging allegiance
> to a flag, that can mean whatever the government and the media want it to
> mean, is a rather empty and mindless task.
> (end)
> I think this is a very profound idea. It deserves to be pushed forward
> somehow.

I've written to my congressmonsters about the idea already. How about

> you continue:
> You only deserve to die if you've proven you are unfit to live. The unborn
> haven't even been given the chance... a woman who aborts is admitting either
> that she will be an unfit mother, or that she has so little regard for the
> life of others. Either way, its a toss up. Do you want to put a baby in the
> hands of someone like that? I don't, which is why despite my misgivings
> about the morality of it, I think abortion is the lesser of two evils. By
> aborting, she's making sure there are fewer people like her (and the father)
> in the world. Abortion and execution: I just call it evolution in action.
> (end)
> This is a touchy and complex issue. I would prefer the child to be born and
> at least have an opportunity, no matter how limited, to have a life that
> counts for something.

I know. Thats the big thorn in my craw too. Though I think that having a
life and making one's life count for something are two entirely
different orders of magnitude.

> Some minority leaders have claimed that Planned Parenthood has a secret
> agenda to 'trim' poor and dysfunctional black and hispanic populations. I
> was quite surprised to read this.

Frankly I wonder what took them so long to figure it out. Considering
whats been disclosed about Margaret Sanger here on the list, I don't
doubt that there may be a significant story there.

> Mike, quite honestly, you should be a radio talk-show personality. If your
> personality and intelligence comes through half as well as it does in your
> writings, you would be a serious contender. You could be the Rush Limbaugh
> of transhumanism! ;)

Ah, John, but I don't use Slim Fast and I don't still live with my
mother... ;)
Actually, I've thought about it.

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