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>> >> I have an idea of my own; those who wish to buy guns who prove themselves too dense to lock them up when kids are in the house forfeit their right to keep and bear. We are losing twelve kids a day (and no, Mike, this is not your favorite under-25 fiction, but under 16 - source, ABC news (World News Yonight, just on today)) to accidental shootings by either themselves or other kids. That's waaay too many (4380 per year)
>> >
>> >I say:
>> >This is an absolute lie on the part of ABC (and you by association).
>> >They get their numbers from HCI but have not checked what HCI means by
>> >'children'. The total accidental shootings for all age groups is
>> >actually less than 2500, so the ABC numbers are way off. HCI's numbers
>> >ARE based on a 25 and under definition, and DO count homicides, not just
>> >'accidental' shootings.
>> >
>> Your standard method of dealing with uncomfortable (to you) truths.
>I've cited plenty of sources that counter your allegations. You cite your recollection of an ABC broadcast that offers no accountable statistical reference for this assertion. Show your references...or concede the point.
I concede nothing to your partison propaganda machine. My references were, and are, a national news broadcast which you brand as a lie with neither a whit nor a shred of proof, ans an Associated Press story which lists unequivocally that the word "children", for the purposes of the statistical analysis, is defined top mean "under the age of eighteen", not your under-25 fiction. You are free to parade your your own emotional preferences that this not be the case, but you will neither be permitted to masquerade them as gospel truth, nor to out-of-hand dismiss any contradicting evidence by branding it as either incompetent and mistaken or sinister and duplicitous.
>Mike Lorrey

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