Re: Is rational patriotism anti-extropian? I don't think so...

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 10:12:40 MDT

James Wetterau wrote:

> "john grigg" says:
> >
> ...
> > I have never thought of the connection with the divine right of kings, very
> > interesting. The social contract between the citizen, other citizens and
> > their government is supposed to bind us together in mutual
> > self-interest.
> I didn't sign it, anybody claiming to have seen me sign it is a damn
> liar, and you can't make me sign it! :-) See Lysander Spooner on this
> topic.

True, but have you ever voted? Served on a jury? Held public office or been
employed by the government? Served in the military? Said the pledge of allegiance?

Verbal contracts are binding on the integrity of the individual. That being said,
any man who won't sign a written contract can't be trusted on his word

> ...
> > I take pride in seeing my nation kick some else's work over when their work
> > is going to be used for unjust aggression. Kicking over Saddam Hussein's or
> > Omar Quadaffi's pile of blocks is no problem to me.
> That Omar -- such a naughty boy! Omar Quadaffi? Oh well, whoever he
> is, he probably has a good block kicking coming, right? Or else why
> would the U.S. be kicking his blocks? Must be his fault.

Anyone who orders the bombing of a plane carrying hundreds of innocent people
deserves to get his own house targeted by laser guided bombs...

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