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On Monday, April 17, 2000 1:01 PM Alexander McLin
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> -HELLO!!! The reason I didn't "bother" to read the ballot is because I'm
> 18, and never had any reason to vote till now when I turn 18 this week. It
> never ceases to amazes me how people make unfounded assumptions about
> online.

First, Alexander's comments should be directed at both Lee Daniel and me.

Second, I looked at sample ballots before I was old enough to vote. I've
also tried to keep up with who is running for major offices. I'm by no
means a political junkie. (In fact, there are so many things I do not

Third, it's common knowledge who Harry Browne is -- author of _How I Found
Freedom in an Unfree World_ and one time Presidential candidate. To not
know about him is almost like not knowing about Ayn Rand.

I meant know insult by my agreement with Lee Daniel on this. I was
lamenting the fact that most people are ignorant. Such ignorance is to some
extent understandable in Alexander, but not for those who complain about
politics always being the same. (I think Lee Daniel's comments were more
directed at that group. It's one thing to complain about politics after
doing the research. Quite another just to complain because that's what
everyone else does [and I MEAN everyone complains, so chiming in with the
choir by no means demonstrates one has a good reason to complain].)


 Daniel Ust

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