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Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 12:16:33 MDT

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> I wonder if there is any way to get the Libertarians, or other "third"
> parties, seriously campaign? Yes, I know, they need money which comes
> from donors exposed to the party by media attracted by the party
> spending money...but how can we get this cycle to *start*, with
> sufficient momentum that there would be a significant chance of a
> non-Democrat and non-Republican President of the U.S. next year? It
> seems like the responsibility lies with these "third" parties to start
> getting the word out...for instance, challenging the Dem/Rep candidates
> to debates *and making a major media flurry - major enough to get
> noticed by a significant percent of the American public - out of their
> lack of response*.

Actually, in the 1992 election, the Libertarians got quite a bit of media
coverage, including guest appearances of the LP candidate in the studio during
the Dem/GOP debates, and during the GOP convention, though some anchormen would
typically start right off getting the LP candidate to admit that the LP
*actually wanted to legalize drugs* OOOOHHHHH big shocker. Such tactics were
used to cause most people to immediately marginalize the LP as a party.

To get more media exposure, it will take money. Lots of it. I personally find it
shocking how deeply involved in the LP many computer people are, yet they don't
raise any significant amounts of money from any of these dot com
billionaires...I hope this changes.

Mike Lorrey

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