Re: Steering the Extropian Ship

From: Brent Allsop (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 09:37:48 MDT


> It is worth noting that when you grasp the big picture, the efforts
> of single individuals are *almost* meaningless. The trick is to
> discover the leverage points where a single individual may exert a
> small force and cause a large mass to move(*).

        Great analogy Robert!

        I think a more well defined and active organization could go a
long way. Max does a huge amount of work trying to push things
forward, but, like you said, the efforts of a single individual are
almost meaningless. If many more people would step up to help him out
with much more real work his efforts could be amplified thousands of
times and more. He should at least have a support organization that
included a large staff, some of who are paid to work full time, to
help him do some of the things we're trying to do.

        Imagine if there were thousands of us well organized and
pushing as hard as Max and a few others. Imagine if this number of
people this actively involved was growing exponentially. We could
work to create societies like "The never say die" society (The
equivalent of the American Cancer Society, but for the disease of
aging....) We could work to have another society that would try to do
work and raise funds to help poor people that wanted to be cryonically
preserved but could not afford it. Think of organized and well
coordinated religions, like the LDS church and all the meaningless
work they do in the world. If we could get 1/10 of this much effort
focused on funding cryonic preservation and restoration research I bet
we'd have the ability to achieve this after in a few decades....

        Like a well organized church with aggressive missionaries, I
think we should have a very powerful organization working to save
everyone possible and pulling everyone into the time when there is no
more death. We need much more than just trim tabs. We need powerful
well organized and dedicated engines that will drive this supper
tanker where it is possible for it to go.

        True, One person can't do a whole lot. But if we'd organize
better and if more people would help out, we could finally overcome
death. The LDS church has more than 50,000 20 year olds that work
full time for two years pushing LDS doctrine all over the world. The
LDS church has huge monetary assets - billions of $$$$. They have
legions of dedicated people doing "temple work" or sacred ordinances
which they believe will bring them immortal life. If we had an
equivalent set of dedicated organized driving engines using real
science instead of hocus pocus "priesthood" we could really do all
this don't you think?

        And once we are immortal, we'll be able to do anything after
that right? True, we can't do it alone, but if we all put our
shoulder to the same wheel and work together, I think we can do
anything, or at least a heck of a lot more than we are now doing.

                Brent Allsop

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