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Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 21:38:54 MDT

Zero Powers wrote:
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> > > Would not most humans, both those living in, and those visiting the
> >United
> > > States, wish to see the information, preferably in the form of a map,
> >the
> > > more detailed the better, so they who prefer to avoid death and
> >mutilation
> > > can avoid the dangerous places where, apparently, the Bad Guys, Inc.,
> >kill
> > > humans with impunity?
> > >
> > > Has anybody produced such a map already? If not, why not?
> > >
> > > It seems there would exist a large market for such detailed maps.
> > >
> >Based on personal experience...yes..
> >
> >Get any map of the US....east of the bad...
> >
> >North of the mason dixon line is especially bad.
> >
> >Primarily metro areas...
> >
> >However there are Southern Calif.
> >
> >I think there is a large corelation to political affiliation.....(which one
> >is left as an exercise to the student)
> This map, however, would not include many of those places which have been
> featured in the news of late for kids shooting other kids in school. One
> would be hard pressed to describe such a map accurately, other than to say
> "stay out of any areas where there are sickos who have access to guns." In
> other words, stay out of the US.
> Of course, Mike Lorrey's map would probably say "go wherever you want, just
> bring your own gun and learn how to shoot first." ;)

I never say just that. THe legalities of lethal force are rather strict,
and vary from state to state. Some places if you are physically
outmatched (small woman vs/ football player), its quite alright to shoot
if you are in fear of imminent bodily harm. Other places shooting is the
last thing you can possibly do after all other avenues are exhausted and
you are trapped. Massachusetts, for example, had a case a few years ago
where a woman and her baby were home, and the ex-husband who had a
restraining order againster him broke down four different doors to get
to her, she kept retreating with her baby down to the basement, where
she shot the ex. Prosecutors tried to claim that she could have pushed
her baby out a basement window, even though she was not tall enough to
reach it. She did get off, but it was a tough case and is considered the
standard in Mass. for use of lethal force to this day. However
elsewhere, like Virginia, the anti-car-jacking laws allow the driver, if
there are children or elderly people in the car, to shoot someone if
they approach the car in the street in a 'threatening manner'.

There is a book out that details the concealed carry and lethal force
laws for every state. I don't remember its name, I'll try to find out
more about it.

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