Re: Vacuum Dirgible..

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 21:51:59 MDT

> if for some reason we wanted to float
> a "city" in jupiter's atmosphere....(or saturn's or uranus or neptune's)
> which have an atmosphere of (mostly) hydrogen......what would be used?
> Hot hydrogen or a vacuum?

Hmmm. I think use captured hydrogen then float below the hydrogen layer
to the heavier stuff.

Speaking of hydrogen, yesterday I was talking to a guy in the Moffett
blimp hangar with a hydrogen balloon. He had a small H2 cylinder. I
asked him if someone breathed hydrogen would it make one's
voice sound funny like helium does? He didnt know, but since
the reason helium highes ones voice is because its density is
low, seems like hydrogen would high it even more. But we didnt
know if it would goof one to breathe hydrogen. We couldnt
think of any reason why it would, but no one volunteered to
breathe the stuff. {8^D

Those of you who are in the neighborhood in May for the
nanoschmooze, wanna take a run over there? Totally cool building.

Oh by the way, if you breathe helium then play the sax, the
pitch is way high. spike

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