Re: GUNS: Prevention vs. Punishment, Parental vs. Child Responsibility

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Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 20:28:04 MDT

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>Subject: Re: GUNS: Prevention vs. Punishment, Parental vs. Child Responsibility
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>> As the Prez said, we punish reckless drivers, but we still install child
>seats and seat belts. We punish airplane hijackers, but we still have metal
>detectors and luggage inspection at airports. It is said that an ounce of
>prevention is worth a pound of cure. Why should firearms be the only thing
>where prevention is forbidden?
>Why are you quoting the prez, like we care about his opinion? A better analogy
>would be, we punish hijackers, but we still have airline flights! The goal of
>the anti gun movement is nothing less than to take away guns from honest people.
>Why do you come in here and make obviously misleading statements as if we all
>have noodles for brains?
A logica principle which has enjoyed currency since the Greeks and has never been invalidated is that an idea must be considered on its own merits, independent of the identity of the person who proposed it, and that to attack a person in some confused and mistaken belief that such an attack can possibly discredit an idea is to indulge in a 2500 year old logical fallacy popularized as invalid by the Greeks and known as the ad hominem fallacy.

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