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Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 13:18:39 MDT

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> > How can a good civil society be made by the people?
>A good civil society occurs when the rights of all individuals are
>respected, when the state is, and acts, subservient to the people, and
>does not treat the minority with contempt or abuse. When people are
>allowed to conduct their daily lives without having to fill out at least
>one form in triplicate. Paperwork is as enslaving as a ball and chain.
>A society that requires that the common citizen obtain permits to
>exercise their rights is not a civil socity.

Perhaps I didn't use the correct English term, I didn't mean a nice
government but the society that is not the government.

>Yes, opening the society, eliminating restrictions and permits on law
>abiding citizens, and dealing with criminals as criminals and law
>abiding citizens as just that, instead of as criminals as well, is the
>road to peace and prosperity.

Indeed, I think the US naturalizes about 1 MILLION legal immigrants every
year. In Europe there is hardly any mobility even between the countries of
the European Union. And the EU has erected a strict barrier against the rest
of the world.

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