Re: POL: Reaction to Microsoft Ruling

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 11:37:08 MDT

> Jonathan Reeves wrote:
> Billy Brown wrote:
> > If a company want to oppress me, the worst thing it can do is refuse
> to sell
> > me something I want. If a government wants to oppress me, the worst
> thing it
> > can do is send men with guns to my house to murder me. That's a big
> > difference.
> In the USA perhaps, what about the oil company that torched a load of
> villages in Africa that were protesting against some development (cant
> remember the exact details), or the slash and burn farming cartels in
> south america ? Both examples of companies 'oppressing' people by
> sending men with guns to murder the opposition.
> Government/Business - only difference is the amount of power they can
> wield.

The businesses you describe do their deeds in enviroments where the
government has been bought off, the press and opposition parties are
non-existent to oppose the atrocities. Thats not a free open market

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