Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 03:41:12 MDT

About stocks & prices.

Let me say something, since I was in those 1986-1987 big
bubbles (deeply involved).

1. Bullish market is much much longer (this time 8 years, in U.S.)
than bearish market
2. The problem is that bearish stock market often anticipate (and
produce) some crunch in the real economy
3. For the old economy stocks the big crunch, the big backlash
means that prices are falling more than 30%, less than 50%
4. For the Internet (Nasdaq) stocks? Perhaps more than 50%, less
than 70% ?
5. If You fear (fear) that the price of your stock can fall: sell it now
6. Surely others have the same fear
7. You can buy the same stock later, even the same day, possibly
at some (much) lower price
8. You can sell the same stock later, possibly with some profit, and
so on
9. Do not stay still, idle, looking at monitors showing the rapid fall
of your stock

Rome (Italy)

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