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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 09:55:26 MDT

a) if you don't tell them, and they go off on a tirade in public about it, you can
then publicize what it really means and make their zealotry look foolish and
ignorant, as it is.
b) since lucifer means 'bringer of light' who gave knowledge to man, its an
emminently logical name for a server. That fundamentalists are against giving
knowledge to man is the irony...

Clint Walker wrote:

> Hi
> Question. -Re: UUEncoding
> Have you ever noticed, that when you UUENCODE a file, it will start with the
> letters
> "Begin 666" ?
> I love showing this to particularly religious people and watching their
> reaction. I checked through a couple of RFC's files, but I can't find the
> technical history / reasons behind this.
> I feel I owe them an explanation in exchange for my fun.
> And besides, all it takes is one religious zealot
> to transfer this type of info in a manner appropriate to his objective - and
> you've got a new force to deal with - i.e. Religiously Inspired Luddites.
> Anyone to venture a guess/explanation?
> P.S.
> Why would someone call a webserver Lucifer anyway?
> Is it really such a good idea to name servers like this - Especially if that
> server is going to host a website/mailing list that represents concepts such as
> freedom
> from restrictive behaviour brought about by religeous upbringing/"programming"
> In the end a name is just a name.
> Many thanks in Advance
> <Transhuman-wannabe>

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