Re: those NRA Australian statistics examined

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 09:51:23 MDT

> Claim 2. Armed robberies are up by a "whopping" 44% since the new laws.
> In fact the rate of armed robbery increase dropped 12% in 1998.
> Claim 3. Assaults are up 8.6% since the new laws. In fact the rate of
> assaults increase dropped by 4.2% in 1998.

Are these "corrections" deliberately misleading, or are you just being
sloppy with language? Do you think you can get away with "rate of
increase dropped..." on a list full of mathematicians? Please clarify
with correct and non-misleading numbers--are the claims of increase
actually false as these counterclaims seem to imply, or are they correct
as are the rate-decrease claims?

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