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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 05:35:26 MDT

KPJ wrote:
> It appears as if James Rogers <> wrote:
> |
> |3) The vast majority of society in the U.S. enjoys an effective murder
> |rate at or below that of most of Europe, most notably in areas that
> |encourage "taking out the trash". Distribution tends to be very uneven,
> |with a few geographically small locales contributing to the vast majority
> |of the statistics.
> Can I acquire a copy of the distribution information through WWW?
> Would not most humans, both those living in, and those visiting the United
> States, wish to see the information, preferably in the form of a map, the
> more detailed the better, so they who prefer to avoid death and mutilation
> can avoid the dangerous places where, apparently, the Bad Guys, Inc., kill
> humans with impunity?
> Has anybody produced such a map already? If not, why not?
> It seems there would exist a large market for such detailed maps.

Well, the feds wouldn't want to release such a map, nor would the big
democrat cities. Washington DC, Chicago, LA, Miami, etc. would be some
of the big hotspots to avoid. Now, producing such a map would require
GIS data on all crime incidents, and I don't think that most cops use
GPS to get a fix on such info at the crime scene yet as a matter of
course. This would be something to push for, but getting nationwide
acceptance of such a thing would be a spotty bet.

You can get crime data on general geographic areas from the FBI in its
crime statistics, which is probably somewhere at . I know
they are the only people that collect nationwide crime data.

Mike Lorrey

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