RE: "smart guns" from Australia

From: Alejandro Dubrovsky (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 22:04:25 MDT

> The claims were that we'd gone to the dogs, people were
> cowering from an
> increasing assault by armed crims, blah blah. In fact,
> official crime data
> showed that things had *improved* in all the salient
> parameters, as one
> would expect.

i think you are exagerating quite a bit there. i heard about but didn't
read the details of what the NRA was saying but things haven't improved in
all points if i read the ABS statistics from their site correctly. That is,
firearmed crimes have dropped across the board, but armed with
other-than-gun crimes have increased throughout all categories
overcompensating for the drop in the firearm department so that total crime
figures are up (except, ironically enough, for murder and sexual assault) .
Go to
rofile/2C2A842ACC44F31DCA2567220072E990/ (you are going to have to
concatenate, i'm sorry) for the stats.

Alejandro Dubrovsky

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