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Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 17:31:34 MDT

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> I don't know why Rand is being brought into this.

Because of her anti-Communist ire.

Of course she was correct, as a system it failed. Although beneficently
intended to fill mouths that were previously empty, it soon succumbed to
corruption and the system fell to pieces. Since it doesn't promote economic
flourishing, it withers away in entropy like Oroborous - the worm eating it's
own tail.

Communism in it's pure form has been abandoned by all but the most
anachronistic states, and is dying a nasty death.

Cuba is one of those holdovers. If you watched the Ry Cooder/Wim Wender film
 "Buena Vista Social Club" - white washed as they tried to make it, you can
see what a trippy place it is ... only cars from the fifties (beautiful!!),
abstract filth, poverty, alcoholism, voodoo, abandoned luxury nightclubs and
dancehalls... the country is experiencing mean hard times ... for decades it
has been...
... sigh ... but the music ... ah si ... people are the same everywhere ...
heart and soul, love and laughter -- people will tend to survive.

It is not hard to see why the people there have no love of us, and our
freedom and arrogance. I can empathize with his father, and also with the
family here!!
Who, besides his kin who miss him, and who are NOT in this place, would NOT
desire to keep him here, where it is nicer, brighter, cleaner, more sane!!

 Both sides seek to control a life. Both want what is "best" for the boy.

So does Piekoff.

There is irony there.

You ask why bring did someone bring in Rand?
IMO Piekoff is like the loyal puppy dog who needs to bark something every
time he thinks he knows what she *would* have said. Perhaps he has the
illusion that she has uploaded a copy of herself into his brain...

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