RE: The purposes of the Extropian list

From: Al Villalobos (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 16:59:06 MDT

John Grigg wrote:
" there anyone, like me, interested in
discussing how to live long enough to get there with the youth and wealth to
enjoy it? I don't think the two discussions are mutually exclusive:.."

Amen John! I too would like to see more discussion about what to do *right
now* to make sure we all make it to the future we all talk about.

I've been very serious about attaining amd maintaining OPTIMAL health since
1 Jan 93. Seven years and going stong. I'm 35 now and my mid term goal is
to have no to minimal change in my bio-markers of aging at 50. One set of
grandparents dead/one set alive at 93/94. My goal is at least 100, given
current technology, which I think I could do. But 65 years from now, when I
AM 100, I might have to revise my longevity plan! :-)

AL Villalobos

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