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Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 16:04:28 MDT

I'm refurbishing my website, and a new feature I would like to have on
every link page is literature references; mainly to relevant books but
perhaps also to major papers relevant to the page. I'm mainly looking
for facts or highly relevant fiction. For example, Nanotechnology
would list Engines of Creation, Unbounding the Future, Nanosystems and

I would like to hear your suggestions for the following pages, ideally
with short comments:

Introductory Texts about Transhumanism
Self Transformation Page
Physical Enhancement Page
        Lifestyle, Health and Diet
        Cosmetic Changes of the Body
        Surgical Changes of the Body
        Genetic Enhancements
Psychological Transformation
Intelligence Amplification
Immortalism and Life Extension
Intelligent and Distributed Systems
Trans- and Post-humanity
The Omega Point and the Final Fate of Life
Transhumanist Art, Fiction and Entertainment
Transhumanist Society
Transhumanist Linguistics
General Technology and Policy
Space Technology and Colonization
Complex Systems
Advanced Computing
Information Management
Megascale Engineering
Space Time Engineering
Miscellanous Technology

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