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Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 23:48:53 MDT

>From: "Zero Powers" <>>Subject: Re: Surveilance was:
>Transhuman fascists?
>Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 12:41:19 PST
Another dimension to this is the reconstruction of the past as a virtual
history - ultimately a walkthrough. A lot of the crimes of the past will
doubtless come to light in the coming ten or twenty years as we develop
systems able to take thousands or millions of stories, pictures, etc., and
look for common threads as well as inconsistencies.

That's why I encourage all elderly people to write down - preferably on disk
or on the web, but paper or tape is fine, we have good readers - as much of
their unique experience as they can manage. There's no way to tell, in many
cases, what will turn out to be important, but of course the witnesses of
the holocaust or of the Armenian genocide or of the massacre of the Kulaks
in the Ukraine (actually, the massacre of the anarchists; the Kulak thing
was a myth to cover that up.)

In addition, a lot of people will credit - or cash, in many cases - for
accounts long outstanding. Justice and liberty co-exist - or don't.
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