Re: Solo Brain: was[nanotech] the core issue

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 16:02:57 MDT writes:

> However...might I be "ballpark" accurate in SWAGing (Scientific Wild Ass
> Guess) that it's a dead heat between Donovan's brain and uploading? Given
> that I'd go for uploading.

Uploading requires plenty of neurososcience know-how and likely
nanotech, so it seems likely that at the point where you can upload
someone you can also keep brains alive fairly well. But there is
plenty of uncertaintly in this estimate of course.

When I was younger I actually thought the road to posthumanity was
removing the brain, keeping it alive and connecting it to intelligence
amplification and telepresence systems. This was largely based on the
erroneous idea that the brain itself doesn't age, so this would also
be immortality. Then I read Hans Moravec and became an uploader... :-)

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