Re: Nazi Eugenics=Anti-Humanism

From: john grigg (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 14:48:06 MDT

Ian Goddard wrote:
Whatever one may feel about a woman's right to choose an abortion, the fact
is that Sanger's efforts were not aimed at maximizing free choice, but were
instead part of a plan to eliminate human beings, particularly those human
beings that Sanger believed were not fit to exist. Sanger was a leading
proponent of compulsory eugenics,

This is very sad and disappointing to learn. H.G. Wells also had views
which marred his character and legacy. Personally, I greatly prefer an
organization like Birthright to Planned Parenthood but the work Sanger did
in her life to help women of her time avoid constant pregnancy and oversized
families was invaluable.


John Grigg

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