Re: Hofstadter Symposium [was Re: it was all a gag]

From: Robert Wasley (
Date: Sun Apr 02 2000 - 22:12:29 MDT

>Ken wrote:
 All and all, I was very glad I went, and expect this to be the start of
> much more of the same. I am interested to hear how others on this list
> saw it.
The comments by other authors captured it.
I was transfixed. How often were you going to see an assembly of the
digerati of
this magnitude in one room for free? The atmosphere was electric and the
totally engaged. What was great was that both sides of the issue were
in the audience as well as on the panel. I believe the event reflected the
most satisfying side of this ancient academic institution. It was a
privilege to attend.

Robert Wasley

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