Re: Sticks and Stones (Was Re: Event on April 1)

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun Apr 02 2000 - 15:50:23 MDT

Zero Powers wrote:
> >From:
> >I see that our knowledge-free poster has adopted Joy's acronym
> OK, so we disagree. You believe in keeping secrets. I happen to think that
> openess will be the better course. Why must a difference of opinion so
> often lead to disparagement?
> It's surprising to me that so many people are so invested in their own
> opinions that anything or anyone who challenges those opinions is given the
> heretic treatment. Let's leave orthodoxy to the religious to fight over,
> shall we? I expected more from folks on a list like this.

We expect more from folks who participate on this list than to argue for
public policies that are totally anathema to the extropian principles.
We also expect people who talk the talk to walk the walk. A person who
advocates openness should not participate on the list using a pseudonym
and an anonymous mailbox. Identify yourself.

When it is your opponents who are the champions of freedom, and you
advocate tyranny, calling your opponents orthodox people who are
'invested in their own opinions' is the pot calling the bedsheet black.

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