Re: Year 2k

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 14:41:21 -0500

Jeff Fabijanic wrote:

> Harvey Newstrom <> wrote
> >My credit cards and drivers license do not yet have the ability to issue
> >cards beyond the year 2000. Both keep giving me cards that expire
> >12/31/99.
> At this point, *all* my credit cards and licenses have post-2K expiration
> dates. Perhaps you might wish to do business with more sophisticated
> commercial/gvt entities...

It might be profitable to deal with those entities which are slacking in
their duties. Remember if enough people are harmed, you can form a class
action lawsuit. It woud be very useful to fund extropian projects from the
lawsuit profits taken in punitive damages won in court from corporations or
government agencies which are not fulfilling their legal responsibilities to
keep current. Make it too expensive to run those agencies due to the legal
liabilities in the dockets and the gov't might even shut down and disband
those bureaucracies... the possibilities for mischeif dazzle the mind. Even
if losses are insured, in court you can stilll sue for damages and have the
fact that you've already been recompensed excluded from evidence.

Using the system against itself for acheiving extropian ends and in helping
to increase the obsolescence of the old order is something that the legal
minded amongst us might look into.....Your thoughts, Mr. Burch???